Food vacuum

If you thought the only things you could vacuum in your house were the carpet and upholstery then think again, because food can also be vacuumed. But not quite the way you think.

Unlike a vacuum, that needs to change its bag pretty regularly to empty the hair and unmentionables, vacuuming drawers in ovens are used to remove oxygen from the vacuum bags, and they are also perfect for sous-vide cooking.

For anyone not in the know — philistines! — sous-vide cooking is a highly regulated method of cooking tightly sealed food in lower-than-normal temperatures for a longer time for benefits such as even cooking and better texture and aroma.

And for amateur and professional chefs who like the idea of this sought-after culinary trend, then there are a number of companies who now make this oven and drawer in Hong Kong, such as Gaggenau.

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