Chantecaille releases new beauty collection for babies

New York-based cosmetics company Chantecaille is tapping into the baby beauty market with its Bebe collection. The collection is inspired by nature and wild animals, and uses pure and organic ingredients.

Wild moss rose is the main ingredient as it makes babies’ skin look healthier and enhances skin defence. The collection also features a blend of organic plant-based botanicals such as cornflower and blue and orange blossom flower water.

“When our creative director, Olivia Chantecaille, gave birth to her daughter Delphina in 2013, her love and devotion for her newborn was boundless,” says Sylvie Mong de Verchère, APAC general manager.

“She realised she would do anything for her, and that her role as a mother was to provide her with the very best. Olivia particularly enjoyed bathtime bonding and baby massages with Delphina, but she was disappointed when she realised products as perfectly formulated as the Chantecaille favourites she used on herself didn’t exist for little ones. And this is the whole reason why she created the new Bebe collection. With the hope of offering an ideal choice for all mothers and the little ones”

To celebrate its new collection for babies, Chantecaille held a party at its boutique with a number of celebrities, including  Bonnie Lai, Alison Chiu, Qiqi, Margaret Chung, Sammie Yu, Qinnie Chan, Janet Ma, Sherry Chen, Rabeea Yeung and Helen Ma.

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