Rolex’s tribute to pioneering women

Pioneering women have been at the heart of Rolex’s success story ever since the inception of the Swiss luxury watch brand in the early 1900s. Founder Hans Wilsdorf had the foresight to design modern timepieces for both genders to suit the changing lifestyles of the 20th century.

Rolex then went one step further to acknowledge and reward women’s contribution in society by making swimmer Mercedes Gleitze the first Rolex Testimonee in 1927 when she swam across the English Channel wearing a Rolex Oyster.

For over a century now, Rolex has continued to be inspired by women in every field, be it science, arts, performance, sports or others.

From golfer Annika Sorenstam and show-jumper Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum to tennis star Chris Evert and Chinese pianist Yuja Wang, the list of Rolex Testimonees is extremely varied.

Rolex has accompanied these exemplary women on their extraordinary journeys – from Sylvia Earle’s underwater expedition to Olympic gold medallist Lindsey Vonn’s skiing triumphs on the Alps.

Though their achievements may be in diverse fields, what unites these women is their passion and unrelenting drive for success – a value that resonates with Rolex’s own uncompromising quality.

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