Hong Kong chiropractor publishes book on how to overcome fear

For the first time, Hong Kong-based chiropractor Dr. Kamilla Holst is sharing her personal story about how she overcame abuse and fear in a newly-published book.

The first time-author is set to release The Fear Bucket List: From Victim to Power Woman at a book launch on 25 April from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Bitters & Sweets, Central. The $500 entrance fee includes canapés, free-flow wine and a limited edition signed book. The title is also available for pre-order on the Amazon Kindle store.

The book tells of her experience as a victim of extreme abuse, and describes how she rose above the fear and learned to live her life to the fullest.

“Through her narrative, she takes you deep into the jungles of the human spirit and out through the enlightened passageways in the Egyptian deserts, providing encouragement to other women who no longer want to be defined by their past trauma,” reads the book’s synopsis.

“The book’s central message is one of hope and empowerment: No matter what trauma you have experienced, you have the power to overcome it and go from victim to power woman.”

All proceeds from sales of the book and launch events will go to Hagar International, a non-profit organisation that helps women and children recover from severe abuse. Specifically, the proceeds will aid individuals in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Vietnam who have been subjected to human trafficking, domestic violence and exploitation. The organisation provides recipients with safe housing, healthcare, counseling, legal support, vocational training, job placements and more.

Hailing from Copenhagen, Holst is an award-winning chiropractor who specialises in methods to achieve a body/mind balance through a combination of chiropractic body work, acupressure, lifestyle coaching and meditation. She moved to Hong Kong in 2014 and has since become a respected member of the Hong Kong Chiropractor’s Association.

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