Joyce unveils Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2017 collection

Fashion retailer Joyce recently launched its Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2017 men’s collection at a unique fashion show.

The show started with a model in a trompe l’oeil grey wetsuit sitting against a palm tree on what seemed to be an interpretation of a beach.

The theme of the collection — surfers — was then revealed by over 30 models wearing grey oversized suits who then stripped down to reveal brightly coloured swimsuits underneath.

Some of the models wore bird masks and carried surfboards.

The show was dominated by classic three-button jackets and back-strap trousers, sack jackets and trousers, high armhole jackets and skinny trousers and layered overcoats. There were also cricket-seamed trompe l’oeil jackets, vests, overcoats and wetsuits.

Fabrics used in the collection are fresco wool, wool mohair, lightweight cashmere, linen, cotton, denim, tweeds, painted cotton canvas and silk.

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