Holiday Inn Golden Mile hosts star-studded event for new-look lobby

The Holiday Inn Golden Mile in Tsim Sha Tsui has unveiled its new-look lobby to bring the hotel into a new era.

Created by Design Worldwide Partnership, the makeover has turned the lobby into a bright, vibrant and extremely inviting space.

One major change that is instantly identifiable is the removal of the grand staircase and the expansion of the lobby space, which now includes a lounge and activities area for guests waiting to check-in.

Along with the calming colours, the twisting lighting feature — inspired by the legendary dragons of Hong Kong — added a touch of class and grandeur.

Numerous celebrities and renowned glitterati of Hong Kong attended the event, including actor Michael Wong, actress Candy Lo and Aron Harilela, chairman and CEO of Harilela Hotels Hong Kong.

The new-look lobby is the final step in a series of renovations the hotel has made over the years as they previously refurbished their 621 rooms, three restaurants and bar to infuse Chinese and Hindu culture as the designs were based on traditional Feng Shui and Hinduism.

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