Narcisa Pheres for Jewelry Maki hosts VIP event to showcase Aristeia collection

Sky Lounge, on the 49th floor of the Upper House, hosted a VIP event to celebrate the launch of a collection by Narcisa Pheres for Jewelry Maki in Hong Kong.

Maki is one of the oldest Japanese diamond jewelry houses with over 25 stores across Japan, and Narcisa Pheres is the company’s creative director. The collection is called ‘Aristeia by Narcisa Pheres for Jewelry Maki’.

The collection is influenced by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi and also has a European touch with a modern twist.

The event featured Japanese elements such as a personalised Japanese menu, a hand fan, gold-infused sake, Japanese hand-made engraved chopsticks and a 0.1-carat diamond nail polish by Camellia.

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