Weird and wonderful gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show

The world’s biggest technology trade show, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), was held earlier this month in Las Vegas. CES is known to showcase some of the coolest, weirdest and downright impractical gadgets every year.

Here are 6 standout gadgets from this year’s show.

The Hair Coach


The first ever smart-hairbrush has been launched by Withings, a division of Nokia, and L’Oreal. The brush monitors your hair’s health with sensors that help you keep track and log information to a mobile app.

The Hair Coach features a microphone that detects your brushing techniques and sends this information to the mobile app, which then works out ways to help you keep your hair healthy. The sensors mentioned earlier can also detect if your hair is wet or dry and it has an accelerometer and a gyroscope.

LG Signature OLED W7


LG showed off its new “wallpaper” TV which is 2.57mm thin. LG calls the Signature OLED W7 a “picture on the wall.” The ridiculously thin 65-inch TV comes with 4K resolution, HDR, a Dolby Atmos sound bar, built in WiFi and four HDMI ports.

It also comes with a magnetic mounting system so you can hang it on the wall.



The Hypersuit is a Virtual Reality simulator that allows you to explore universes and pretty much anywhere else imaginable from the comfort of  your home.

Built by a Paris-based startup, Hypersuit is an exoskeleton that fully immerses you into VR. The VR simulator, which is completely controlled by arm movements, lets users fly, dive into the ocean and travel into space.

To make the Hypersuit work, users lie on a movable exoskeleton platform with a virtual reality headset on.

Hover Camera Passport

Hover camera

The easy to operate and small Hover Camera Passport captures 13-megapixel images and 4K video. Users control the Hover Camera through a smartphone app, and it tracks your movements based on the location of your phone, or using facial recognition.

To activate facial recognition, just look at the drone and once it recognises your face it will follow you until you tell it to stop.

And because the drone is so small and shaped like a box, it is easy to fold up and take with you anywhere.

Denso Vacuum Shoes

Denso vacuum shoe

Made by a Japanese auto parts maker, these platform-type shoes will suck up any small items such as crumbs and dust that litter your apartment floor.

The platform shoe has a small vacuum in the sole and a pedal in the heel which starts the vacuum every time your foot hits the floor.

Kuri robot


Kuri is a small robot armed with a camera, speakers, a microphone and can transmit voice messages.

Developed by Mayfield, which is backed by Bosch, the 50-cm Kuri can carry out surveillance of your home when you’re away, recognise faces, play music and greet family members when they walk in the front door.

Kuri will also map out your home so it can move around freely without bumping into furniture.

Written by Andrew Scott

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