Looking forward to 2017 with gadgets


The year 2016 will live long in memoriam for the long list of celebrity deaths. It wasn’t, however, all doom and gloom.

The year was full of innovative technology. Amazon gave us Echo, a smart home speaker system with an artificially intelligent virtual assistant and Sony’s PlayStation VR brought virtual reality to the masses.

Oh, and how could we forget about Pokemon Go!

But what does 2017 hold in store? Here’s a list of some of the upcoming gadgets for the year ahead.

Nintendo Switch

A hybrid portable and home gaming console, the Switch can be played on-the-go via its built-in tablet style screen and detachable controllers. Alternatively, it can be hooked up to your TV and played like a traditional home console. It is expected to be launched in March 2017.

Apple iPhone8

The brand that nearly took over the world is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017 so expect something special with its new phone. Early rumours suggest an Amoled display.

Samsung Galaxy S8

After the Galaxy Note 7 went up in flames (literally), Samsung has a lot of expectation on its shoulders. Early reports indicate the phone will come with the S pen accessory, no headphone jack and a 6-inch display.

Xbox Scorpio

The Scorpio is expected to have 6 teraflops (speed of the processor) of gaming power to deliver 4K and VR capabilities. So basically it will process. Quickly.

Tesla Model 3

This will be Tesla’s first mass-market car and it comes with a number of nifty gadgets — solar roof, self-driving technology and a heads-up display that provides information to the driver on the car’s windshield.

Written by Andrew Scott

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